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The Project

BADGER finance is an open source financial management application for end users. It is written in php, ajax and sql. The goal is to regain control over your personal financial situation. BADGER is free software in the sense of the GNU GPL license.  

The vision for BADGER finance was born at the Mannheim University of Cooperative Education (BA). In the course of a software development class we had the opportunity to develop software. We jumped at the project with the hopes to be able to complete a useful piece of software instead of the 10,000th tic-tac-toe application.

Since there was no financial management software on the market available to us that had what we needed,  we started developing our own which we now released to the open source community. 

Want to learn more? Meet the team behind BADGER finance and read our mission statement, check out the features and then go download it ! :-)